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06 September 2008 @ 05:16 pm
I see it in my daughter and the stresses that a seven year old can carry. I do not look at her stresses as any thing less then my own. She worries, and pines. She looks to understand why things are wrong and why people cannot just be happy. I to want things to be right in the world. Whether it is by my own vices that things go wrong, I assure it is not of any cruel intentions. I have wronged in the past and I am sure I will wrong again. However, I have felt that I want and am trying to have a bigger heart. An open heart, to forgive others and myself. To let the past go and enjoy the moment. If that is one thing I want to instill in my daughter is that all we have is now. Because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet and the possibility that next week may never happen. All we have is each other, and the people we let in. If we dont hold on to what we have right now, right at this moment, it will pass us and we are left with should of and could ofs...

Right now Anna is sleeping in my bed, so innocent. I pray for her solace. I pray for her to embrace childhood and enjoy each rain cloud as much as a sunny day...

today has been both
30 July 2007 @ 04:01 pm
Do I expect to keep this journal going but I guess since it has gotten a little easier and right now i am really bored with myspace i can start a little here and here...plus its not like anyone i really know  knows a lot about livejournal and the ones that do know. I dont mind reading this.
My god i think about the past few years and my god my life has changed. I have changed. Not really my personality as much as the way my mind works. I take fewer baths i think too.
I am about to move in with my boyfriend Aaron. Whom I love with all my heart. I never thought that having a boyfriend could be so boring and normal and exciting and scary all at once. I hope we last a bit.
Maurita is living here for now and the world seems tolerable. Besides that i still get manic crazy during pms and i feel like i smell today even though i think i took two showers yesterday.
i am sleepy
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19 September 2005 @ 11:17 am
well i was in Atlanta this weekend. it turned out pretty good. and even though i didnt party hard i still ended up just as tired if not more.
But i did get to see the roller derby girls for the first time yesterday. It kicked ass, for real! Girls on skates and short skirts are hawt!!!
Maurita would totally rock at that except she would break the rules and peoples faces! i am to much of a wuss and i hate bruises. unless they are bite marks.
then i ate at Joe's Crab Shack with really good and hot company. we decided how horrible and tortuous it would be to work there. they have to dance every 45 minutes. I would rather be blind folded and executed. dont get me wrong i like attention in moderation and i LOVE to dance. but i wouldnt want to be someones monkey. even if monkeys are cute.
i have not slept. i am bitching about it. i dont care. its my own fault which makes me that much more mad. i cant blame anyone but me. well i could blame someone but its not their fault i am weak. ha
so back tracking. hangin out with Shannon and Oz was great to get to know them a little bit and making oz stay out til 6 in the morning is priceless. wow what really cool people.
Then I went with Mike Pennell to his CNN casino party. Robin had school work. at first i was a little nervous because i was never really good at the corporate scene. my mouth tends to get me into trouble...no?
But we started playing black jack and i won 91,000 fake dollars. i felt acheived.
then i met some girls in the bathroom chatted and walked back to see mike talking to their b friends. rockin so we hung out and then me and one of the bfriends since we didnt work there decided to get the party started. yay!
then we sat in georgia tech traffic.
hung out with friends
the end
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15 September 2005 @ 11:30 am
Not only do me and Maurita call each other about 50 times a day.NO JOKE. we also email during our work hours. here is why i love her and why she fucking cracks me up

the email:Collapse )
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13 April 2005 @ 03:34 pm
I am done and over with this stupid class. I want it over and done with. I have a few more weeks left and its getting down to these little tedious things like a lab simulation online that doesnt make any fucking sense. I start my CNA classes in a few days and then maybe i can get a real job. I did however try posting an add on Craigs list that says I will clean houses for pay, duh. no bites oh well its cool. I am going to try and get a part time job anyway cause my unemploy is running out. For those of you who know the stories, Ab and I are doing, okay. He is coming here for the summer and we are going to work out a plan for the future. Nothing with Ab is ever set in stone so I am not holding my breath. But he seems to be really trying this time. I say this time if the few of you who knew my situation would know what I have had to go thru with this boy. I dont think ANY girl, well there are a lot of stupid love crazy people out there. I guess thats just me... well i gotta go and see if I can finish this lab. GOD HELP ME. I will get the hang of this eventually...
12 April 2005 @ 05:58 pm
Its funny I am so used to Myspace that coming back to livejournal is not liek riding a bike. I even forgot how to add people to their list, html and add pics...so i will start coming on here more often....we shall see
30 June 2004 @ 03:53 pm

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03 June 2004 @ 04:49 pm
hellokitty999 made me a new icon that looks frighteningly like me and logged into my account and then posted this entry.
28 March 2004 @ 07:45 pm
Okay so I have an opportunity for some fantasm folks. I know that many people do not know who I am but this is not about me. I am not sure if any one knows Tim and Billy Messina. But Tim is a kick ass photographer and Billy Messina is the co-owner of the kick ass haunted house the Netherworld, he also dabbles in kick ass advertising as well. And they are both Hot!!!
Okay so here is the deal. They sorta waited until the last minute and didnt get a room at the main hotel and got the over-flow hotel. But they want to throw a kick ass party at the main hotel Saturday night. They are willing to offer a free nights stay (60.00 value) and two pre-party passes to there party Saturday night. Its going to rock. So if someone really doesnt care of they are in the main hotel or the over flow, which i may add is a lot nicer then the main hotel, has shuttle buses and is only about two blocks down. I think the over-flow ramada even has an in-room coffee maker. Its pretty sweet.
But these guys would totally appreciate it even if it came down to just Saturday night, allowing time to set up for the party. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, someone at least consider it. Its one night and these guys throw kick ass parties. And the girls are kicken at their parties as well. Okay so thats it... now I will just sit back while the gracious people of fantasm throw themselves at me with offers, ok well may at least glance at this post.


60.00 = one free nights stay
free pre-party passes... who knows what is in store.
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